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Publikationen und wissenschaftliche Arbeiten

Originalarbeiten in wissenschaftlichen Fachzeitschriften

  • Erfurt M, Glaser R, Blauhut V: Changing impacts and societal responses to drought in southwestern Germany since 1800 Regional Environmental Che, 2019: 1-13:
  • Giacona F, Martin B, Furst B, Glaser R, Eckert N, Himmelsbach I, Edelblutte Ch: Improving the understanding of flood risk in the Alsatian region by knowledge capitalization: the ORRION participative observatory Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 2019; 19: 1653-1683:
  • Karg H, Hologa R, Schlesinger J, Drescher A, Kranjac-Berisavljevic G, Glaser R: Classifying and Mapping Periurban Areas of Rapidly Growing Medium-Sized Sub-Saharan African Cities: A Multi-Method Approach Applied to Tamale, Ghana Land, 2019; 8(3) (40) (download:
  • Khider D, Emile‐Geay J, McKay N, Gil Y, Garijo D, Ratnakar V, Alonso‐Garcia M, Bertrand S, Bothe O, Brewer P, Bunn A, Chevalier M, Comas‐Bru L, Csank A, Dassié E, DeLong K, Felis T, Francus P, Frappier A, Gray W, Goring S, Jonkers L, Kahle M, Kaufman D, Kehrwald N, Martrat B, McGregor H, Richey J, Schmittner A, Scroxton N, Sutherland E, Thirumalai K: PaCTS 1.0: A Crowdsourced Reporting Standard for Paleoclimate Data Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 2019: 1-63:
  • Schmid B: Repair’s diverse transformative geographies – lessons from a maker community in Stuttgart. Ephemera: Theory and Politics in Organization, 2019; 19 (2) : 229-251
  • Schmid B: Degrowth and postcapitalism: Transformative geographies beyond accumulation and growth. Geography Compass, 2019:
  • Schröder E.-J: Die Textilindustrie am Oberrhein. Von der Leitbranche der Industrialisierung zum Nischenanbieter und Bewahrer der Industriearchitektur. Regio Basiliensis, 2019; 60 (1) : 15-30


  • Bauder M: Engage! A research agenda for Big Data in tourism geography. In: Müller, Dieter (Hrsg): A Research Agenda for Tourism Geographies. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2019; 149-158
  • Fricke C: Metropolitan Regions as Concepts and Political Actors in the European Union’s Supranational Policy Arena. In: Oosterlynck S; Bassens D; Beeckmans L; Derudder B; Braeckmans L; Segaert B (Hrsg): The City as Global Political Actor. manuscirpt in preperation, 2019
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  • Kuge J: Uncovering Sanctuary Cities. Between Policy, Practice and Politics. In: Bauder, Harald; Darling, Jonathan (Hrsg): Rescaling Migration, Citizenship, and Rights. Manchester University Press, 2019; 50-76
  • Kuge J: Countering Illiberal Geographies through Local Policy? The Political Effects of Sanctuary Cities. In: Sparke, Matthew (Hrsg): Territory, Politics, Governance. Special Issue: Planetary Illiberal Geographies: Territories, Space and Power. tandfonline, 2019:
  • Mattissek A, Schopper T: ‘Culture’ in German Media Discourses on Refugees: A Political Geography Perspective. In: Marttila, Tomas (Hrsg): Discourse, Culture and Organization. Inquiries into Relational Structures of Power. Palgrave, 2019; 245-266
  • Schmid B, Schwegmann R, Kraehnke L, Reda J: The Site of the Spatial. Eine praktikentheoretische Erschließung geographischer Raumkonzepte.. In: Everts J; Schäfer S (Hrsg): Praktiken und Raum. Transcript, 2019

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