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Geography - Intersection between Human and Nature

Geography is a scientific discipline that combines ecological with sociological approaches and methods. With its integrative understanding, geography is particularly well placed for examining and understanding current trends such as global change, its process dynamics and the associated changes in the environment as well as in society. Geographic research is particularly concerned with investigating socio-spatial disparities and environmental destruction. At the heart of geographic research lies the motivation to better understand space-related stressors and conflicts taking place on different scales. Beyond analyzing complex problems, geographers also contribute to devising practical solutions.
At the University of Freiburg, the "Bachelor's Degree Programs" in geography encompass a broad-based foundation in geographic thought and analysis, including natural and social science perspectives. The "Master's Degree Program" emphasizes key research areas of geographers based at the University of Freiburg. It strives to provide students not only with relevant theoretical perspectives but also with broad methodological competencies and skills for applied research and practical work.
We invite you to find out more about studying geography at the University of Freiburg! Further information about our staff, their profiles and research priorities, as well as current projects, publications and events, can be accessed via the menu bar on the left.

May 2023 – Keynote speech about climate change and health

At the fourth plenary session of the Municipal Health Conference "Climate Change and Health - Perspectives for the Future" in Offenburg on May 25, 2023, Rüdiger Glaser will give a keynote speech entitled "Tuscany in Baden? - How will we live here in the future?". This will be followed by a panel discussion on "Climate change and health" together with the other speakers. In keeping with the theme, there is a stele with the high-water mark of 1882 opposite the conference venue on the Mühlbach.

May 2023 - Visit to the "Centre for Interdisciplinary Ageing and Care Research”

In May, Nora Winsky visited Prof. Dr. Ulla Kriebernegg with her “Age and Care Research Group” in Graz, Austria. A multifold programme consisting of workshops, film evening and round tables was set up for international scholars to discuss intersectional approaches to age(ing). The stay for interdisciplinary exchange was funded by the Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Freiburg.