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Physical Geography

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Glaser
Climate Research  -  Global Change -  Risk and Sustainability -  Vulnerability -  e-Geography -  Geographical Information Systems -  Geodata Management -  Interpretation of Nature and Culture

In Physical Geography, aspects of global change are addressed at the Master's level, building upon on a broad foundational education in the Bachelor's degree program. The emphasis is on climate research, in particular climate change and its social contextualization. Conceptually, our main reference points are risk and sustainability approaches.

Another area of focus in e-geography are digital processes, where issues of geographic information system utilization, remote sensing and geospatial management play a major role; particularly in the context of sustainable environmental planning and analysis.

An up-to-date knowledge communication/ knowledge transfer is implemented in the area of the e-learning project, the interpretation of nature and culture and within the framework of virtual research environments such as Social media and modern forms of data acquisition via crowd-sourcing and data-harvesting play an increasingly important role.

The systemic, integrative analysis on different spatial scales is addressed in the context of "Regional Studies", covering different natural and cultural areas. Regional focal points are, in addition to Central Europe, encompassing all of North America.