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Transdisciplinary Socio-Environment Research

Rapid global environmental change and social upheaval require deep societal transformation. Using transdisciplinary research in cooperation with actors from policy and practice, Freiburg's geography researchers are developing societal solutions with direct relevance for application, thus supporting civil society and public administration in proactively shaping transformation.
The complex manifestations and problem constellations of Global Change require fundamental rethinking of existing policies and planning approaches in order to facilitate social transformation and to avoid or mitigate negative effects. Freiburg's geographers engage with actors from policy, civil society and other scientific disciplines in order to develop effective and practical approaches that contribute to social transformation. Research projects investigate, for example, the impact of climate change on healthcare systems and co-creative urban planning approaches and their transformation potential.

Research Interests related to Transdisciplinary Socio-Environment Research

  • Building and Researching Resilience in the Environmental Humanities.
    Project Manager
    Fünfgeld H
    Start/End of Project
    01.10.2020 until 30.09.2021
    The “Environmental Humanities” is a new buzzword being used to signal the effort of the traditional humanities to seek new ways to unite and collaborate in a time when the natural sciences have taken the lead in fighting the global ecological crisis. This research focus has a twofold goal: first, we will assess the humanities’ chances of becoming resilient against the threats they are facing due to the changes in academic values and university policies since the dawn of the 21st century. Convinced that their chances lie in interdisciplinary collaboration with the environmental sciences, we will explore in which ways this collaboration can be strengthened. Second, believing that resilience research is one of the fields in which such collaboration can be most fruitful, our research projects tackle the challenges of resilience from different disciplinary angles and at the same time test interdisciplinary approaches. Since spreading from ecology to sociology and psychology, the concept of resilience has only been discovered by a few humanities fields; however, the concept holds promise for other humanities as well, as it facilitates debates about the ability of individual and collective capacities to persist.
    Contact Person
    Fünfgeld H
    Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies